Welcome to Five Minutes or Less. This is the blog for Ei Consultants,  an accident reconstruction and forensic analysis company.  I am the Documents Manager for Ei Consultants and author of this blog. 

When I started my first job in Documents Management, the partners of that company gave me a list of my responsibilities and at the top of that list was: Five Minutes or Less. They explained that they wanted me or organize casework and research materials in such a way so that when asked for something, I could retrieve it in. . . . you guessed it! Five minutes or less!

With a lot of work and assistants help, I was able to get their corporate library cleaned up and sorted out so that I could find things in five minutes or less.

The purpose of the Five Minutes or Less Blog is to share with our readers information that is informative, timely and able to be read in five minutes or less. I will share news of what our team has been involved with, discuss new skills or technologies we’ve added and offer reminders on various safety practices and news on current regulations that may impact your life at home or work.

I welcome feedback so don’t hesitate to comment or suggest a topic you are curious about.

Take Care, LindaF

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