Visual Presentations

3D Scanning and Drone Data Why They Are Important

Simply Explain Complex Concepts

  • Preserve evidence of entire scene or vehicle
  • Graphically depict articulating vehicles
  • Describe accident sequence details with layouts
  • Visibly show elevations with interactive 3-D terrains
  • Capture highly accurate measurements with Point Cloud data
  • Eliminate distortion with Orthomosaic maps

Visibility Studies

  • Capture road and right-of-way data critical to collision analysis
  • Animations provide driver's eye view
  • Layouts graphically depict blind spots
  • Side-by-side views for clear comparisions


  • Fully compliant with FAA regulations
  • Drone operator holds an FAA Part 107 SUAS Pilot License
  • FARO 3-D Scanner and multiple software applications
  • Drone captures 4k video
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3D Scanning and Drone Data How they can help you

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Demonstrate What Really Happened

  • Animations from various viewpoints call attention to different information, such as drivers view, birdseye, or rear view
  • Highly detailed photos describe minute information
  • Layouts can quickly explain how objects interacted with each other and the environment
  • Graphically show Line of Sight and Visibility Ranges
  • Realistic modeling enables viewers to focus on events
  • Illustrate and highlight key events or objects