Accident Reconstruction

When You Need To Know What Really Happened



Capturing evidence during an investigation is important. With a combined 40 years of experience, we conduct comprehensive inspections using photography, 3-D scanning and Drone photography and video. These tools enable us to collect all elements from a location or vehicle.


Interpreting data and collected evidence is essential. Having conducted hundreds of investigations, our engineers offer conclusions grounded in scientific methodology. Our forensic analysis reports combine hand calculations, diagramming and modeling of data sets into a comprehensive and accurate explanation of events.


Presenting a concise explanation of events is critical. We will break down complex physics and mathematics into easily comprehended concepts. For mediation or courtroom, we can provide a wide variety of demonstrative aides and animations that clearly depict the sequence of events - in other words, What Happened and When it Happened.

Expert Witness Services

 The Engineers at Ei Consultants have investigated and reconstructed thousands of accidents over the last 20 years. They have provided expert witness testimony in hearings, depositions and trials. In the courtroom, they are able to concisely describe events and scientific terminology, often employing demonstratives to convey complex mathematical concepts

magnifying glass and evidence bag for crime scene investigation

You can trust Ei Consultants to provide accurate, unbiased and thorough opinions and reports. We use forensic investigative techniques and scientific analysis to form conclusions. All our opinions are backed by complete documentation.


We employ a full time Documents Manager to ensure we are utilizing all types of public data available including security cameras and witness statements.

We encourage clients to move rapidly to capture the state of the scene or vehicle. We can preserve evidence with surveys, scanning, photography and video.

drone giveaway

Our calculations are repeatedly checked before going into the final report. Our conclusions are written clearly so that any layperson can easily understand.


Whether the accident is a head-on collision with two cars, a multi-vehicle pile up or single vehicle rollover, often the best way to explain What Really Happened is with the use of a visual aide.


Highly accurate 3-D scans with Drone photography overlays and data from survey measurements are used to create precise models, layouts and animations. We can easily frame a layout or create animations from another point of view.


Tractor on Lift

Accidents happen not only on our highways and city streets but also in factories, industrial facilities, construction sites, and off-road on private farms. Other areas we can consult with you about are:

  • Machine Guarding
  • Mobility Scooters
  • Warning Signage
  • Visibility Studies
  • Motorcylces
  • Pedestrian
  • Trains
  • Watercraft
  • Mechanical Failures